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Chained Packages and parent reboots

Using Installshield 2018 Premier and Windows Installer 5.0, is it possible to run multiple chained MSIs when the parent MSI is pending a reboot atfer completion?

We have used chained MSIs successfully in other projects but this is the first project where the main installer will schedule a reboot after it completes.

We can't see any other reason for the chained MSI not to attempt install, the logs suggest that both chained packages are scheduled and the IS_CHAINER_POST_COMMANDLINE is correct and both chained MSIs exist in the specified location in %temp% under their GUID when the MSI should be calling them.

The last post  we could find suggested this is one of the caveats of Windows Installer and chained MSI but the post is nearly 10 years old so this may have since changed.

The other option we will be exploring is to get our exisitng setup.exe and the two chained MSIs into an installation suite.

We don't want to do any work arounds with custom actions or setting up RunOnce on reboots because we feel it is too messy.

Thanks in advance.

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Level 4

It appears I missed this post:

It suggests deferring the reboot to happen once the finish button is clicked, will test now.
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