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InstallShield LE Warning 6249 inconsistency between Visual Studio and MSBuild

I have a Visual Studio 2015 Solution that contains an InstallShield LE installer project.

When this Solution is built on my development machine it works without error and with a single warning that is not relevant to this post (warning -6245 if you’re interested). The installer from this build process will successfully install the necessary libraries into the GAC without complaint when run on a target computer – I didn’t even know this might be an issue until I tried to perform integration with our build server.

When I try to build the Solution on our build server (using MSBuild) the build still completes without error however there are multiple warnings above and beyond warning -6245. These are all warning -6249: “[blah] is configured to install to the Global Assembly Cache but includes one or more subdirectories”.

I would like to know why the Visual Studio / MSBuild build processes for InstallShield might be different, and how I can resolve this such that the MSBuild builds the InstallShield project in the same way the Visual Studio builds to the InstallShield project.

Development machine:
Visual Studio Professional 2015: 14.0.25123.00 Update 2
InstallShield Limited Edition: no version info readily available other than '2015'

Build server:
MSBuild: 14.0 (build engine 14.0.23107.0)
InstallShield Limited Edition: Maybe / 22.00.1

Note: I previously posted this on this main InstallShield 2015 forum, where it received no responses ( I hope that this is now in the correct place...
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

There is a corresponding InstallShield error 6249 which occurs when a component is configured to install to the GAC but includes one or more subdirectories, which InstallShield doesn't currently support. In that scenario, changing the directory of the component or statically adding the files and configuring them should resolve the error.

This error may be specific to the full Professional/Premier editions of InstallShield, where the user can directly edit components. ISLE creates components automatically according to best practices and I suspect this prevents this scenario from coming up.
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