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InstallShield 2022 trial version ISDEV : fatal error 0: not making installer file

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Inheriting a project that was using InstallShield 2014.  This Trial 2022 version imports the .ise file then goes through a build run with two warnings and an error at the end.  The error does not give any real details.  The resulting .msi file is 2 GB.  Expected something more like 471 MB.

Not familiar with InstallShield usage.  Does the Trial version not produce installable files?  If so, any clues on getting a detailed debug or trace log of what particular error is causing the error code 0?


ISDEV : warning -7235: InstallShield could not create the software identification tag because the Tag Creator ID setting in the General Information view is empty.


ISDEV : warning -7211: Building a compressed Network Image Setup.exe. All other build types are not allowed in the evaluation mode of InstallShield.

... built
Files built
ISDEV : fatal error 0:
Express\try2 - 1 error(s), 2 warning(s)
================= Logging stopped at 2/6/2023 02:18:59 PM ==================
Log file has been created: <file:C:\dev\InstallShield\site-installer-files-1\Express\try2\LogFiles\2-6-2023 02-11-52 PM.txt>

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Switching to opening a ticket.  Thanks.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @danlloyd :

 On Trail version, you wont be able to create a uncompressed setup.exe

On file size you need to make sure all files are in place, if you copy project ism from your old machine to new machine, you need to copy files added in ism as well, 

You can check it my opening the ism file and go to component and check the files are available and accessible in ism or not.

If the files are not available, we wont get full build like, As per my understanding the file size is less due to fatal error 0 issue.

Project files missing.PNG


With respect to the fatal error 0, did  you see any error on upgradation time? Meaning when you open your old ism or ise file in latest IS2022, you will see message like shown below.

Upgradrading old ism to new version.PNG

Please share your old project ism/ise file, if you are not sure about the migration error.

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Time got away from me replying earlier.  I did not see any error logs or debug options for the build process.  Attaching the ise and ism files.  Thanks.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @danlloyd,

Thanks for sharing project files, however we are not seeing any issue in upgrade or building the project. I suggest you to raise a support case.

Could you please navigate to Get Support > Open New Case in the top menu and open a new case to track this issue if you would like to proceed with having this issue addressed? That will allow us to best track this issue in order to best assist you.

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Switching to opening a ticket.  Thanks.

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