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InstallShield 2021 User Interface

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Is it possible to change the menu titles to mixed case in the InstallShield 2021 User Interface?  Also, is there a way to change the color of the UI - white and blue doesn't do it for me.


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Thank you for this information and explanation!

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If the Menu titles you are referring to are: INSTALLATION INFORMATION, ORGANIZATION, BEHAVIOUR AND LOGIC etc, then there is no way to alter this text as it is hardcoded into the Installshield product.
You can alter the view slightly by selecting "Traditional View" from the Home tab in the top ribbon.

With regards to changing the colour of the UI - are you referring to the colour of Installshield itself, or the colour of the Installers that you build?
The only way to alter the look of the Installshield GUI is to use the "Tranditional View" option mentioned above.

With regards to the colour of the Installer dialogs, this is controlled by a number of different options.
The borders and title bar of the dialog is controlled by the Operating System that the installer is running on. You will notice that running the same Installer on Windows 7 and Windows 10 will look different.
Whilst the dialog looks to have a blue title and border in Installshield, when run on a default Windows 10 machine you will notice that the border and title is now white.

These are controlled (On Windows 10) by:
- Right Click the machines desktop and select "Personalize"
- Colours
- Choose your Accent Colour
- Show Accent Colour on following Surfaces: Check both boxes

It is also possible to replace the standard blue Installshield image on the dialogs by using the Dialog Wizard: User Interface > Dialogs

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for this information and explanation!

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