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InstallShield 2018 missing Windows Installer Engine

I just installed IS2018 Premier and when I open the IDE, I cannot find the Windows Installer Engine  object in Object list. Yes, I installed the WIEngineObject.  I already uninstalled and installed again but no success. The attached file shows WIE as missing.

By the other side, just for checking, I installed IS2016 and it show the WIE in the object list.

I am using Windows 10.

Any idea on this?

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Hi @ze_netio,


 Just for clarification, what version of "Windows Installer Engine  object" you have installed. Is it the one you have downloaded along with IS2018 ?

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Yes, I am using the one downloaded with IS2018 which file named 630_InstallShieldInstallScriptWIEngineObject.exe

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