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InstallShield 2015 Build fails "authoring tool has stopped working"

InstallShield 2015 Build fails with error message "Error Building InstallShield" "authoring tool has stopped working".

Everything was working fine. Suddenly it stopped working.
I am using Flexeara InstallShield 2015 Premier Edition with Virtualization Pack Version 22 Service Pack 2.

My investigation is When the InstallScript file (.ism) is on local machine, it works fine. But when the file is on mapped drive it fails. I don't want to change existing setup. Please provide a solution.
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Flexera Jenifer

Re: InstallShield 2015 Build fails "authoring tool has stopped working"

Hi, This looks like crash on building in which you won't be able to proceed.Can you help us providing below files -.dmp(dump file) which you would find under INSTALLDIR\\System -.ism file that you had used to build with support files if needed(If you dont want to share in public forum,please try attaching in private message) -Log file if you could get Thanks, Jenifer
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