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InstallShield 2009 Premier can't delete file from System32 during uninstall

InstallShield 2009 Premier: During installation all the files are copied fine, some of them are copied in system32 directory(two dll and one exe). But during uninstall it deletes every file but not any in system32!!! Please note, it can also delete file(.sys) from system32/drivers directory.

There are also some files I need to delete which are not part of the components. How? I tried with entry in RemoveFile and failed.
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Flexera Alumni

Assuming you're using an MSI project, ICE09 requires components being installed to SystemFolder to be marked as permanent, and so MSI might be enforcing this. The idea being that if something is important enough to go into the System folder, it's important enough to stay there forever; otherwise it should go in a company-specific Common Files subdirectory.

As for the RemoveFile issue, perhaps post your RemoveFile settings...
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Level 6

Use a log to see if it might help...

msiexec/x {Package | ProductCode}

uninstalls a product.

Name of the Windows Installer package file.

Globally unique identifier (GUID) of the Windows Installer package.

Windows Installer command-line options are not case-sensitive.

For more information about the Windows Installer command-line options, see Related Topics.

To remove or uninstall a package, type:

msiexec /x Example.msi /L*v "C:\UninstallLog.log"
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