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InstallShield 14 install issues


One of our clients never had issues with our updates created with InstallShield 14 until today. Now the setup crashes when they double click the executable.

Our client is running our software on Windows 2019 Server, no group policies applied and using Microsoft's standard Windows Defender software. Our client states nothing has changed since our last update.

I had the client add the registry key to create a setup trace file. Is it possible to provide the file in a readable format?

Thanks, Frank

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Check out the Help file for "Setup.exe/command-line parameters (Basic MSI, InstallScript, InstallScript MSI)" and scroll to the /debuglog switch.

You can have them run the setup.exe with the /debuglog switch.  This will create a debug log file in the same folder as the exe file.  If that folder is not writable, have them issue the command setup.exe /debuglog"%temp%\setuplog.txt" (you can specify any filepath and filename, I just showed the ones I usually specify).

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Thanks Dan! Unfortunately the /debuglog doesn't seem to work with version 2014. No log file is written, even when I specify where to write the log file.

This was tested in a similar environment the client has.

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What I know is, that the "debuglog" switch works only with suites. What project type is your setup ?



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It is not true that /debuglog works only with Suite installers, but it may not have been implemented back in InstallShield 2014.  I am no longer running that release so I cannot confirm it, but I'll take Pilgrim's word on it since that's the release he's running.

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@Dan_Galender , just looked to the help library, and yes what I said is wrong.

But I use the /debuglog switch in suites since Installshield 2013, so it should work also in 2014.

Just looked to the user's guide and the /debuglog switch exists since IS-2013 and is valid for Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI and Suites.



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@MarkusLatz I have to check next monday but I think we're using 2014 Professional.

I tried on different clients but /debuglog didn't work on any of them. I was only be able to generate the BIN file.

Meanwhile, the installation succeeded on my client's server. Neither of us don't know why it didn't work yesterday. Nothing was changed, %temp% was empty and we had full admin permissions.

I am still curious what is in the BIN file.

Thanks @Dan_Galender  and @MarkusLatz  for your feedback!

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I know it's not cheap, but you really should consider getting more current.  InstallShield 2014 is 5 major (and several minor) releases behind the current one.

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