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Level 5

InstallScript to create a clickable URL Link?

Does InstallScript have the capability to create a clickable link to redirect user to local computer's folder, or launch a nested installation?
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Level 7

InstallShield 2010 includes support for HTML controls on dialogs in InstallScript and InstallScript MSI projects. HTML controls enable you to use HTML markup for dialog controls. You can include on dialogs links to Web pages, installed HTML files, and HTML support files. If an end user clicks the hyperlink on the run-time dialog, you can have the HTML page open in an Internet browser, or you can trigger other behavior that you have defined through your InstallScript code. The HTML control lets you use any valid HTML markup, including styles to control their appearance.
The HTML control also lets you display the HTML content directly on a dialog if the content is an installed HTML file or HTML support file.
A new InstallScript function called CtrlGetUrlForLinkClicked is available. This function retrieves the URL for a link that an end user clicked.
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Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

Does Installshield 2010 contain functionality for dynamic URL shortcuts?
For example a shortcut that contains the link
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

The CtrlSetText function has been updated in IS 2010 to allow for providing HTML content for a control on an InstallScript dialog. This would allow for dynamically changing the content of an HTML control at runtime.
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Level 3

I understand you are pushing your 2010 version, but it is getting annoying to see every single 2009 question answered by saying get 2010.

The question was, in 2009 is there a way to create a clickable URL link. Can you answer that question please?
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

The InstallScript user interface support does not provide HTML or hyperlink support in IS 2009 or older versions. We apologize if this was not clear from the original answer.
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Level 2

I tried following the instructions to create a linkable URL in installshield 2010, but it does not work.

Can anyone post a real sample code here?


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Level 17

Are you referring to the instructions in the following help topic?
Using an HTML Control on a Dialog
That should work. What happens when you try to click the link at run time? Does nothing happen?

Can you post the HTML code that you entered for the dialog control's Text setting? Also, can you post any CtrlGetUrlForLinkClicked code and CtrlSetText code that you added to your project? That may help with troubleshooting this issue.

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