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InstallScript project automatically generating registry entry?

I have an InstallScript project and it is creating a registry setting at HKLM\Software\{Company Name}\{Product Name}\{Product Version}

There is nothing in the registry editor nor the installscript to explain where this is coming from. I am guessing its part of the 'Default' registry which cannot be deleted. The 'Default' is empty. It looks like IS 2010 is pulling the information from the General settings.

Is there a way to stop this behavior? Or am I missing something?
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Level 13

If you want to delete this you can in code I believe. Use RegDBDeleteKey(szSubKey) where you set szSubKey to the level of the registry key you want to delete.

I would set this OnFirstUIAfter or OnEnd. If you are concerned about deleting it on user canceling the setup then you could place it in OnAbort, however, I don't think there is a way to get into a condition where the registry key will exist and the user has clicked cancel.
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Level 3

Thank you, worked well enough.

I put it into the OnEnd event. Canceling is not an issue as the registry isn't changed until after the user hits the install button and there is no way to cancel after that point.
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