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Level 2

Install to OS Drive

Trying to install to C:\MyApplication\ instead of C:\Program Files\MyApplication and haven't been able to find out how to do this.

Basically, say Windows XP or Vista or Windows 7 or whatever is installed on the C:\ drive, then I would like to install to C:\MyApplication\ where MyApplication is a folder that is the name of my application.

Any ideas on how to do this? I haven't been able to figure it out.

Any input is much appreciated!

- Jason
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Level 2

My project is an InstallScript project and it doesn't give me the option of "New Folder" when right clicking on Destination Computer
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Level 8

Go to Installation Designer -> Installation Information -> General Information -> Product properties.
Here you will find a property INSTALLDIR.
Change the value to [WindowsVolume]MyApplication. The default destination will be changed to C:\MyApplication\ instead of C:\Program Files\MyApplication.

For InstallScript projects—TARGETDIR, initialized by default to PROGRAMFILES ^ IFX_COMPANY_NAME ^ IFX_PRODUCT_NAME in the default script code for the OnFirstUIBefore event handler function. you can change this to WINDOWSVOLUME ^ IFX_PRODUCT_NAME to fulfill your requirement.

Hope this will work.
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