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Install some components to "My Documents"

I want to install some components of our product to a folder in "My Documents" by default, just like Visual Studio has a folder in "My Documents". But I saw that Installshield Files and Folders view doesn't have "My Documents" for the destination computer's folders. How can I do that in a basic MSI project without using the absolute path?
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Re: Install some components to "My Documents"

What you're calling the My Documents folder is know as PersonalFolder in the ISM and MSI files. In the Components view, you'll see that as one of the folders in the Destination drop-down. If you're using the Files and Folders view, if you don't see it, right-click on the Destination Computer and go to Show Predefined Folders and select [PersonalFolder]. This will "expose" that as a folder that you can drag and drop files to or create sub-folders beneath.
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