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Install shield for web application

I want my web application and SQL scripts needs to be deployed at customer server using Install shield.
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Hi @adurai21 ,

Yes, its possible to do with Basic MSI, InstallScript MSI, or using InstallScript project to deploy the web application.

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Thanx for the reply.

I have my web application which is to be deployed in customer location.

we have to give them a MSI Package.But in IIS we should have to fill all info like Port,Server address.

Can't it be a dynamic where customer choose to install whichever server they need.

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Yes, It can be dynamic. If you are using an InstallScript MSI project, then you will need to add code to your Setup.rul file. If you are using a Basic MSI project, then you can create your own dialog that has these things in it. I have done it both ways.

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