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Install more than once, but still have Add/Remove

We need to have the Add/Remove functionality, but occasionally our customers need to install our program more than once. In the previous version of InstallShield Express (ver. 2.1) our program was in the Add or Remove Programs, but if setup was run again, the installation would run again, and we had the option to install to a either the same folder or a different folder. With ver. 2009, I can only install multiple times if I disable the "Use Add/Remove Programs". If that is enabled I am only given the options to Modify, repair or remove when running setup again. Is there any way to keep the Add/Remove functionality, but also allow the program to be installed more than once?
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You are correct--an installation package authored with Express 2.x could be installed multiple times on the same machine. This was possible due to the script-based installation technology. The first Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) based installers came in Express 3.54. Express 2009 (version 15) is the current release.

With an MSI based package, the local MSI engine/service recognizes the installation package based on several codes embedded in the package. If record of the package's installation exists, the MSI engine will display the 'maintenance mode' and not allow a new/different installation of the same package.

In the help library of the Premier & Professional editions, there is this helpful chart which goes into some depth regarding the use of these codes.

The Premier & Professional editions still offer this script based installation technology, InstallScript, or you could use the older version of Express.
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