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Level 6

Install fonts in two places

I have some fonts that have to be installed with our application which have to be installed in the fonts folder (C:\windows\fonts) and in [ALLUSERSPROFILE]\documents\resources\fonts folder.

I used the component wizard > selected the font file type to install the fonts into the fonts folder.

I used the component wizard > create components for me using best practices.

The fonts install in both folders OK. But there is shortcuts in the fonts folder which point to the fonts in the [ALLUSERSPROFILE]\documents\resources\fonts folder which is causing problems and looks very untidy.

Is there a better way to install fonts in two different locations?

I am using installshield 2008 pro.

Thanks in advance
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Level 10

Take a look at the help topic "DuplicateFiles Action" and look at populating the "DuplicateFile" table.
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Level 6

Thanks that did the trick.:)
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