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Inserting date into registry after intallation

I would like to insert the installation date into the registry during the installation so I can retrieve the date every time the program runs to implement a 30 day license confirmation. How would I do this?

Right now I go to
Configure the target System->Registry->Destination computer's registry view->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->new Key->date->[Date]

It doesn't save the date.
I would appreciate step by step instructions to d this
Thanks all!
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Level 8


I understand that you would like to insert the date of installation to the registry,the same can be achieved with the help of InstallScript that is available in the other editions of InstallShield namely Premier and Professional but is locked in the Limited Edition.

I am currently working on trying to achieve the same using the Limited Edition and should be able to give you more information at the earliest.
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Level 8


The date of installation can be inserted into the registry by making an entry in the “Registry” view of the IDE.

Navigate to the path and then add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> new key -> SOFTWARE -> new key -> Test_DATE

Select Test_DATE and in the right pane of this key, right click and select “New String Value” and name it say “Date”.

Further right click the “Date” and select “Modify” option and in the dialog that appears enter [Date] in the field “Value Data”.

Build the project and install the same to find the date of installation in the registry. Please find the attached screenshot for a better understanding.
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