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How to import a *.reg file into an ism project remotely?

Hi and thanks for the help,

So here's what I need to do-

I have a regular *.ism project ready to go. I have an external program that I use to set up a lot of "stuff" and then call IsCmdBld.exe to build the setup file from the command line. The problem is, the registry settings in the ism file are changed for each new software build. I want to be able to automatically import a new registry file, without having to load up the *.ism project and use the reg import wizard.

So my question is, is there a way to import a registry file, or add registry entries, into an ism project through the command line or remotely in any way? Or do I have to actually open the project in InstallShield and import the registry settings manually?

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You can use ImportRegFile method of ISWiComponent object by Automation Interface.
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Awesome, thanks, looks like that'll work great.

Is there a way to delete the current registry settings in the ism file before I import? I don't want to merge the new settings -- I want to actually remove all old settings, then import all new ones.

Thanks again!
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