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Ini File Permission

In the Custom Actions Section, I have a VBScript that creates a new INI file. I want the permissions on the new INI file to be: Everyone - Full Permission, Authenticated Users - Full Permission, and Users - Full Permissions.

None of these users/groups show up in the INI file permission page. After the installation, I have to log in as administrator to add the permissions.

Is there a way to create an INI file in the Custom Actions Sections with Full permissions for everyone?

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Re: Ini File Permission

I use a small tool called "setacl.exe" to set permissions. Add it to the Setup Files, and call it from the Property("SUPPORTDIR") from the VBScript.

I use if for fixing permissions for some legacy OEM component which installs incorrectly in the Windows Registry. But I believe that is also works for files and folders.

Note, it also uses the correct "naming" of the user groups, like "Everyone" is not the name for everyone in other languages than English.

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