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In modify or repair mode, In what case the files would be replaced?

All, My Installation package works fine for the first time installation. But in the modify and repair mode . If the target file exists, the file would not be replaced by installer.
So If I want to replace the files in the modify or repair mode of the installation. What should I do ? I try the "Always Overwrite" option in the file property( Component | Files menu), but it does't work.
BTW, I really don't understand in what case the file replacement would happen in the installation. Could someone please help me ? thanks.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

In this scenario how are you attempting to update files in your installation? Are you attempting to perform an upgrade?

If authored correctly, you can run minor upgrade to replace older files with new ones. You would just need to pass in the parameteres msiexec.exe /i \product.msi REINSTALLMODE=vomus REINSTALL=ALL (or create a setup.exe, which should have this built in).

This article may be helpful in determining the appropriate upgrade solution:
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