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ISDEV : fatal error -6418: An unexpected error occurred while processing items to be upgraded

Received this error when running installshield 2019 via the command line.   


The .ism file had been one used in IS 2014 and worked correctly.

Can you assist please?

Log file attached  

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Hi @emmanuelc ,

   Looks like the error is related to Upgrade, you can check what you have configured in the "Upgrades" view and its parameters.

How about building the same project in the IS2019 IDE, instead of command line.


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Hi thanks for your reply.

- I have a number of previous versions that are referenced as minor upgrades.   If I remove all of these then the build completes.   Including any of them causes the same error.

- Marking the install as a major upgrade of any previous version also works 

- Building in the IDE generates the same error.

I have attached  a screen shot. There is not much info here, any advice?




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Further info, attempting to a verify (right click on an entry in the upgrades section) one of the previous versions causes Installshield IDE to crash.   This happens for all of the previous versions except the very oldest. 


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Hi @emmanuelc ,

 Is it possible to share a reproducible  one which I can verify my end. As I am not able to reproduce it in my end.

the sample project in the form of zip you can send through the private message.

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