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ISBuild.exe can not resolve Primary/Content output specified in Files and Folders

I have a Visual Studio solution that has a Web Site, Installer class, and a Basic MSI project.
The Basic MSI project references the Installer class DLL as it contains the custom actions I wish to be performed during the web site install.

My problem is that I MUST build the Basic MSI through the command line, so I use ISCmdBld.exe, however because I have the web site and Installer class added under Files and Folders using the "Primary output" options, the ISBuild.exe tool gives an error because it can not 'resolve' primary outputs.

Instead, it suggests building using Visual Studio or the Visual Studio command line.

If I use Visual Studios command line build tool "devenv.exe" instead as suggested, it gives me an error because devenv.exe can't build InstallShield projects!

This seems like a catch-22... does anyone know how to get this to work?

I appreciate any help. Thank you.
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I found the solution.

Devenv.exe is able to build the solution when I manually change from specifying primary output, to specifying the actual DLL file.
I'd rather stay using primary output definitions, but this works well enough.
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