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IS2010 SP1 Script Engine Error

Since we have updated IS2010 Prof. to Is2010 Sp1 there is a Problem with the Script Engine.
After Setup building, the Windows Installer brings an Error with the Installscript Custom Actions on the Test System at Setup runtime. The Test System is Windows 2000 Sp4. After Testing on other Systems, the Error comes on all our Windows 2000 Test Systems.
There are no Security Tools running on the Systems, the Test Systems are blank Windows 2000 Sp4 OS.
if we compile the Setup without Sp1, then there is no Problem with the Script Engine on Win2000 Systems.

InstallShield 16:00:52: Running InstallScript function f10
InstallShield 16:00:52: Opening stream of file C:\DOKUME~1\Test\LOKALE~1\Temp\MSI65.tmp
InstallShield 16:00:52: Extracting support file IsConfig.ini to C:\DOKUME~1\Test\LOKALE~1\Temp\{FE8CA248-084F-453E-9474-2B0C5AD4767A}\IsConfig.ini
InstallShield 16:00:53: Extracted isconfig.ini to C:\DOKUME~1\Test\LOKALE~1\Temp\{FE8CA248-084F-453E-9474-2B0C5AD4767A}\IsConfig.ini
InstallShield 16:00:53: Got '{4E953938-9186-4A5D-8584-D1E14D03ED0F}' for TempPathGuid from isconfig.ini
InstallShield 16:00:53: Attempting to use temp path 'C:\DOKUME~1\Test\LOKALE~1\Temp\{4E953938-9186-4A5D-8584-D1E14D03ED0F}'
InstallShield 16:00:53: Using new temp path
InstallShield 16:00:53: Cleaning up temp file C:\DOKUME~1\Test\LOKALE~1\Temp\{FE8CA248-084F-453E-9474-2B0C5AD4767A}\IsConfig.ini
InstallShield 16:00:53: Using temp folder C:\DOKUME~1\Test\LOKALE~1\Temp\{4E953938-9186-4A5D-8584-D1E14D03ED0F}
InstallShield 16:00:53: Installing engine...
InstallShield 16:00:53: Using product language 1031
InstallShield 16:00:53: Skipping optional support file _isuser_0x0407.dll
InstallShield 16:00:53: Setting script cmdline...
InstallShield 16:00:53: ProductCode is {ADA9AH4F-5A96-4C6P-GGG7-63B74674914F}
InstallShield 16:00:53: Initializing Engine
InstallShield 16:00:53: Failed to Invoke __ISRTInit, error is 0x80020009
InstallShield 16:00:53: InitScript operation failed, error is 0x80020009
InstallShield 16:00:53: Failed to invoke __ISRTUninit, error is 0x80020009
InstallShield 16:00:53: Initialize() Failure, Failed to Initialize script support, Error = 0x80020009
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Level 17

I believe that this issue is resolved with hotfix 52410, which is provided in KB article Q206628.

The Read Me First sticky thread at the top of this forum has a link to that KB article (plus other downloads, such as the one that contains the InstallShield 2010 Expansion Pack for Visual Studio 2010).
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