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IS 2009 Hangs for ~15 minutes

When I open a project it opens just fine. When I click on "Files" IS2009 will hang for at about 15 minutes. Afterward everything is fine - I can build the project, make changes, etc. If I save the project and exit the program - then it starts all over again next time I open the project ... hangs for 15 minutes...
I could try to re-install, but I suspect more that there has been some windows update that's hosed my IS2009.
Has anyone else seen this problem (or one similar to it)?
I'm using Windows XP Pro (Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_qdr.100427-1636 : Service Pack 3)
Dell 490 Dual Quad Processors, 4 Gig of RAM, Over 787 GB free space on Drive C: and 89 GB free on drive 😧

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Level 5

Hi Destek,

I encountered this problem surrounding the license check of IS.
Please check the Environment variable 'LM_LICENSE_FILE' for network paths which aren't available.

An other possibility is to check what IS is doing.
Run Procmon (free):

Hope that helps

Cheers Joerg
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Level 7

Good suggestion Jeorg!
Thee was no environment variable called LM_LICENSE_FILE, but I tried your second suggestion and indeed it found the culprit!
For some inexplicable reason when I clicked on "Files" in InstallShield it was trying to open a zip file on my desktop that can be found absolutely NOWHERE in my project - nor does it have anything to do with my project.
I deleted the file from my desktop (I didn't need it anyway) and things are much better.
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Flexera Alumni

Basically, when you click on the Files view, it has to list all the files and folders of the Desktop folder on the Source Computer as well as the files in the project. In the Files view, you see the Source Computer's pane, Destination Computer's pane, which has to show the files information. This is where it may consume more time, if the Desktop folder has more files in it.

I hope this helps!
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Level 7

Ok - now I see! It apparently also wants to know what is inside of the zip files on the desktop (this may be default Windows shell behavior). The zip file on my desktop had a 2.2 gigabyte file in it - so thats what was taking so long.
I guess I knew God would punish me for having too much junk on my desktop...

Thanks for the explanation!

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