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[INSTALLDIR] deleted by accident from project

I've somehow screwed up my [INSTALLDIR] references in the component view of the Installation Designer. I don't know how I did it, I was messing about with a new dialog that needed a destination browse button and initially had some issues and I also changed the [INSTALLDIR] entry in the project settings field a few time, or it's possible I could have deleted off a component and carelessly clicked yes to the question 'Do you want to delete the folder/property [INSTALLDIR]', although the property is still there.

Anyhow, the symptoms are that in my Components or Setup Design view the Destination field is showing as blank where before it was showing as "[INSTALLDIR]" and as "\Graphics" where before it was showing as "[INSTALLDIR]Graphics". I try to manually change them and if I enter [INSTALLDIR] the moment I come out of the field, it resets to blank. If I enter [INSTALLDIR]Graphics it resets to \Graphics as soon as I come out of the field.

Other than that though, everything seems to be working and when I go to the Component table in the Direct Editor the field 'Directory_' is showing [INSTALLDIR] where it needs to.

So it looks like just a display problem in the UI, but I'm worried that some hidden problem will manifest itself later. I should add that when I open another project, or an older backup there is no problem. Any ideas please?
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Level 6

You should be able to add it back in the Property Manager if it was deleted as a public property. Alternatively I believe (not 100% certain) you can sub TARGETDIR for INSTALLDIR as the target dir value is provided when you select your installation directory during the ui phase of the installation. You may also need to set the installation dir to TARGET dir under the installation information -> general Information section. I would strongly recommend trying to recreate the property first though.
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