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Disable Advertised shortcut of Primary Output

How can I make a regular (non-advertised) shortcut to the primary output of another project in the solution containing an InstallShield Limited Edition (ISLE) setup and deployment project?

I see that in the Shortcuts/Folders page I can right-click the target folder and have the option to make a "New Shortcut", and a "New Advertised Shortcut". If I create a "New Shortcut" to an executable file that is not a project output a normal shortcut is created. If I do the same to a sibling project's "Primary Output", the target is always an "Advertised shortcut".

Why does it ignore my selection of "New Shortcut" and not "New Advertised Shortcut"?

How can I make another same-solution project's "Primary Output" be a normal shortcut?
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This is a limitation of using Project Outputs .It's not possible to create a non-advertised shortcut for a file added from a Primary Output link.

This is because the Project Output is a variable that does not have a file name value until build time. At design time, the shortcut is made to point to the feature. The result of the project output is a key file. At runtime, the shortcut will launch the feature’s key file. The only way to do this type of dynamic configuration is with an advertised shortcut.

Known workaround is to define the shortcut’s target file statically, rather than via a Primary Output.
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