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IISROOTFOLDER for VS2015 Web Application

I am new to InstallShield LE since I normally just post web apps to web servers. In Configure the Target System | Internet Information Services the dropdown for Content Source Path does not include IISROOTFOLDER. Similarly in the Application Files, if I right click on Destination Computer and select Show Predefined Folder, IISROOTFOLDER is not in the list.

I'm running WIndows 7 Pro sp1 64-bit and IIS is definitely turned on.

How can I get that folder or work around not having it?

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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Did you deleted the IISROOTFOLDER directory from the Content Source Path before?
Typing in that directory again should recreate it in the Files view. Recreating the website should do the same thing.
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