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IIS website not created

I am using Installscript MSI project. InstallShield 2020 R3 Professional

I have defined two application pools (ComponentAppPool-A, ComponentAppPool-B) and two websites (WebsiteComp-A, WebsiteComp-B).ComponentAppPool-A & WesbiteComp-A are linked to Feature-A whereas, ComponentAppPool-B & WesbiteComp-AB  are linked to Feature-B.

If I select to install feature A only the website and the app pool are created on the IIS. If I choose to install Feature-A and Feature-B, the two application pools and the two websites are created on IIS. But, if I select to install Feature-B only , the website and the app pool are not created on IIS. I don't know what I am missing, I have configured both website numbers to use a property whose value is INSTALLSHIELD_IIS_NEXT_NEW_SITE_NUMBER.

I found a difference in the logs , the CreateAppPoolFunction is not called when installing Feature-B:

InstallShield 18:41:26: This machine does not support legacy objects
InstallShield 18:41:26: InitIISObject
InstallShield 18:41:26: CoGetClassObject(GETAdminBaseCLSID(TRUE) error: -2147221164
InstallShield 18:41:26: Legacy objects not supported InstallShield 18:41:26: SetSSIEnableCmdDirective with INSTALLSHIELD_SSI_PROP value of ''. InstallShield 18:41:26: Do nothing, user preference is to ignore SetSSIEnableCmdDirective MSI (s) (20:18) [18:41:26:686]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=CreateShortcuts,Description=Creating shortcuts,Template=Shortcut: [1]) MSI (s) (20:18) [18:41:26:687]: Executing op: IconCreate(Icon=ARPPRODUCTICON.exe,Data=BinaryData) MSI (s) (20:18) [18:41:26:692]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=ISSearchReplaceInstall,,)
When installing Feature-A:
InstallShield 17:20:49: This machine does not support legacy objects
InstallShield 17:20:49: InitIISObject
InstallShield 17:20:49: CoGetClassObject(GETAdminBaseCLSID(TRUE) error: -2147221164
InstallShield 17:20:49: Legacy objects not supported
InstallShield 17:20:49: CreateAppPoolFunction
InstallShield 17:20:49: GetAdminSection for section 'system.applicationHost/applicationPools' and path 'MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST' and commitpath 'MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST'.
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