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IIS: Installing a web site if port is already taken


Install a Web Site on port 80 that is usually configured with a default web site on Windows 2008.

Installation Log:
1: Check if site has port number: 80
1: GetBindingsCollection
1: Searching for binding element
1: GetPortFromBindingInfo: *:80:
1: Found site with the same port number.
1: Website exists.

Usually if I try to install a web site manually a window asking if I would like to add a duplicate port binding pops up:

but when trying the same operation with MSI - it just uses the existing default web site, instead of creating a new one.

Can anyone give me instructions on how to create a new site with duplicate port binding with installshield?

Thank you and Brg.
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Level 6

Hi tieriel,

Did you ever figure out the solution to this? I have to do the same thing.

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Level 2

what tha above said is very useful, I will to try it soon! Thank you!
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