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ICE03 error - ShowMsiLog

Hi all

I am using IS 2010 SP1 Hotfix 2410 and on running the Windows XP ICE validation tests on an MSI built using Repackager I get the following

ICE03: Not a valid foreign key; Table: CustomAction, Column: Source, Key(s): ShowMsiLog

A google search has been no help. Can anyone advise on how to correctly resolve this please?

For now, I've just dropped the relevant row from the database which makes the ICE error go away but I don't want to leave it like this if I am going to cause grief further down the line.

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Level 7

I don't think you should be seeing ICE errors with regards to ShowMsiLog. This is a simple custom action that is included in the new Basic MSI project template in InstallShield. It's purpose is to display the MSI log file on MSI 4.0 and newer systems where logging was turned on. It does this when a checkbox on the final dialog is selected by the user to view the log.

I suggest that you create a new basic msi project and build it with one file included to see if this is a problem in the sample MSI file. It should not be. If it isn't a problem, then you can take a look at the differences between your main ISM and sample ISM by searching through the direct editor for ShowMsiLog.
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