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ICE03 - Invalid File Name - Is this normal?

I believe I am getting an ICE03 error in InstallShield 2019 R3 when building the MSI from the ISM.  It is telling me the below 3 files have an Invalid Filename in the FileName column. Followed by a Key (_E4EBC866F68B6ABCD1887DF6E2A27B23).  The key is in the File column of the File table in the compiled MSI.  The component colunm is:  _B839E1BA0ED0519E165B7634213752C3.  And the  FileName column is: Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure.dll.  Which is an invalid name due to no short file name.  So the error message is valid.  But InstallShield added the entries.  I believe it added the entries because the EXE I am installing is a compiled PowerShell script. (By Sapien PowerShell Studio 2022)

Has anyone else seen this?  Why does InstallShield not add them correctly or if it is not going to add them correctly, do not tell me about it.  The MSI installs fine with no changes.  Just have to turn off the ICE03 check on the second compile.

Thank you for your time.


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