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Activation Process for Installshield LE for Visual Studio 2012

I have four projects in Visual Studio 2012 with Setup Project Installshield LE embedded.
I have reinstalled two pc for develop and i attempt to activate Installshield LE package but the activation process fails for the reason:
"Error 50041 - Failed to connect to the activation server ..."
Of course my internet connection is active.
I have readed that the activation process will be discontinued on July 2022.
Is it still possible to activate Installshield LE ?
I must modify urgently two of the four project in Visual Studio 2012 and now i have not enought time for upgrade these projects to a new version of Visual Studio ( i'll do it as soon as possible ).
I will be gratefull if you can say me if the activation process, at least for now, will return active.
Many thanks.
Best regards
Paolo Verini

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I think you're in the same boat as I am. Support is not going to help you solve this issue.

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Unfortunately today I received confirmation from Revenera support that the reactivation of Installshield Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2012 is no longer possible.

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