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Level 7

How to suppress offer to upgrade to IS2016

In the last week, whenever I fire up IS2014, I get a pop up box stating:

Available Software Update for InstallShield 2014
The following update is available on the Internet
Upgrade to InstallShield 2016 at 30% off !!
To download and install this update, click Next.

I presume that if I did click Next I would end up with my paid version IS2014 removed and replaced with a 30 day trial version of IS2016 which would require a payment of £2589.30 to activate. At the very least I'd get a side by side install on my companies production machine with all my file associations for .msi, .ism etc pointing at the 2016 app.

I don't know if there are any further warnings as I daren't click 'Next' and risk trashing my version of IS 2014, but I find this completely unacceptable and what is more irritating is that I've been investigation the option to get an upgrade price for IS2016, but Flexera won't allow IS2014 to be so upgraded. It is EOL they say and I have to buy a full paid version minus their current 30% off promotion if I already own a version of IS.

Is there anyway of switching off this popup, the opening line can so easily be misread to think it is a free standard update and action it without thinking any further.
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Level 16

IS has always installed side by side in my experience. Your right about the file extensions. I wrote a program once about 8 years ago that acted as a version selector. It would look at the ISSchemaVersion in the ISM and launch the right version of IS if installed. Kind of like Visual Studio. It was very easy to write... I'm not sure why Flexera never did this. I guess they just want you on the latest and don't understand that some customers have 2,3,4 versions of IS installed to support different product baselines that choose not to move on.
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