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How to solve Component ID mismatch issue during upgrade.

I have a setup which has certain component IDs.
But some of these Component IDs do not match the IDs of the Setup with which I have to upgrade the previous setup.

Say, for the same component abcd.exe, both setups have different component IDs.
Setup 1 had Component ID : {9E5018E0-5707-4B03-A937-B4DA13BA7E1B}
Setup 2 has Component ID : {21741DCA-DDEC-48AC-9CBC-EE458DC0E063}
Due to this, when upgrade is performed by Setup2 over setup1, it fails.

Other than major upgrade option, do I have any other option so that upgrade works successfully.
I have tried to update the component table using MSIDatabase functions, but the msi database gets corrupted.
Please do let me know how to solve this issue.

Note: The component IDs were not changed purposefully.
Some deletions took place due to which the component ID got changed.
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Level 12

It is not clear in your post, if setup 2 is not released, you will have to correct the mismatched component IDs in setup 2. Otherwise, major upgrade is the only surest way .
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