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Level 6

How to set an applicatin as default open application of a type of files?

In my MSI basic project, I installed an application to a specified place. Besides, I want to set this application as default open appliction of a type fo files. How can I reach this goal in InstallShiled project? Just adding some registry keys?

Anyone has idea? Thanks a lot in advance!
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Level 8

I am looking to do the same thing. I think there are items to create in the registry... just not sure what they should be. It's too bad there isn't an InstallShield wizard or a step that says associate files with this extension to the application.
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Flexera Alumni

In Basic MSI or InstallScript MSI, a component's advanced settings have a File Types view that you can use to set the component's key file as the extension server. The Project Assistant might have a setting in the Shortcuts page, too.

For pure InstallScript, see for example KB article Q100157 for the registry information.
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