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How to retain certain registries after uninstallation of the product?

My project is an InstallScript project.

On installation, a registry key is created as part of another installation. On uninstallation of this product, I want to retain certain registry key and its subkeys.

What should I do to retain such registry keys.

While debugging the script, I see that the registry is there, and is not getting deleted, after rebooting the screen, this registry gets deleted.

Thanks for your help.

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Level 8

It depends when you install those registry keys.

In your InstallScript project, if you installed the registry keys in OnFirstUIAfter, then the uninstall registry code is probably in OnMaintUIAfter. But, you probably already knew that.

Are these keys created by default in the InstallScript project? Meaning, there is no code for these registry entries, as InstallShield is managing them behind the scenes?
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Level 3

The Registry keys do get created by calling another script in OnFirstUIAfter, which creates a registry key. On Uninstallation, I do have code in OnMaintUIAfter that calls another script to undo what it did during installation, but will not delete the registry it created. But my Installer removes those registry that were retained. So, it is the InstallShield that is removing these registries. So I need to flag to the InstallShield, so that it does not get removed.
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