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Desktop icons get removed when Cancel button is hit.

My project is an InstallShield MSI project.

I have about 5 custom dialogs in my project.

My project does an upgrade of our product that was written using InstallShield6.22 to InstallShield 2009 product.

First time, the product is upgraded, all the desktop icons get created as expected.

After the upgrade, the system is rebooted, and everything works as expected.

Now, when a re-install is initiatedd, and when the Cancel button is clicked on the first Custom dialog screen that is displayed, the desktop icons that were created when upgraded, gets deleted. There is no code on OnCancelling to delete these icons. The files and registries are not disturbed at this point.

Re-running the installer and finishing it completely will create the icon again. Thereafter, this scenario is not reproducible.

How is this happening magically?

Need help in fixing this issue.

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Level 3

I found the answer for this question by myself. So I thought I will share my knowledge I gained from this issue.

OnCancelling was calling abort, instead of exit. Thus InstallShield rolled back what ever was to be uninstalled, and thus cleaned up the desktop icons.

On using exit in the OnCancelling function, my problem is resolved.
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