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How to make version in installshield project match assembly version

I am using Visual Studio 2013 with Install Shield LE and have inherited a simple project that I must maintain. I am typically an embedded programmer so please forgive me if these is a dumb question. My project consists of a single program (.exe) with several supporting libraries (.dll files) and what I want to accomplish is to have the assembly version (x.y.*) in the application match the version specified in the install shield project assistant. If I manually update the version using the project assistant, this version shows up in Windows control panel add/remove programs but I cannot seem to access this version at run time from the application (I want to put it on the title bar of the app.). If I update the version in the assembly information of the application project then it will show up in the title bar but not in the control panel. I am building with the Visual Studio GUI and don't mind updating one of them manually but would prefer not to do both for fear of getting them out of sync. Is there any way to force install shield to use the version of one of the projects it is "wrapping"? Or is there another way to accomplish this using these tools?
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Level 7 Flexeran


I do not believe there is an automatic way to do this in the Limited Edition.
For the full version, there are automation interface functions to read in a file version and set it as the product version.
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