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How to make the installer send some user data?

Hi there,

first of all: InstallShield 2008, InstallScript MSI Project

During the installation, I would like the installer to collect some information about the host system as well as the user and company name. After that, I would like to present these information to the user and ask him/her to allow the installer to send them back to me.
Is there any support for such a thing build in InstallShield/InstallScript? The SdCustomerInformation dialog is alread part of my script and allows me to collect user/company name. How to send them back to me? Via email? Ho to create and send one? Or any other way of doing it?

Thanks for any ideas!

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I don't have the widest depth of InstallScript knowledge, but the easiest approach I can think of would be to use LaunchApplication with the shell execute flag to launch a URL which passes the information in the URL, and loads some sort of thank you page. Next option would probably be to call a custom EXE which does whatever you need behind the scenes, or to load Internet Explorer via COM and do this sort of thing, quite possibly without even showing a window. All these approaches have potential pitfalls.
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