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How to ignore "Microsoft GDI+"


we have dependency scanning activated to recognized dlls which may be missing in the setup.

But I always get this message:

Adding merge module 'Microsoft GDI+' that is a dependency of component 'System.Drawing.Common.dll'.

We got some warnings like "Adding file..." because of false dependency errors (net6.0 is installed on target machine, but IS doesn't recognize this as a given dependency). I added these files in the "filters.xml" file to ignore them. How can I do this with the added merge module?!?!

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

There is no way to choose a merge module to exlude. However, we can stop it being added.

The merge module is being added as there is a file within it which is a dependency of the key file of component 'System.Drawing.Common.dll'.

Its likely that this file will be a key file within the merge module, once identified you can then filter that specific file.

Alternatively you can remove the merge module from your system so Installshield simply can't add it, or turn off scanning on that component and add the dependencies statically.

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