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How to get custom command line parameters and installation progress percentage in [Custom Actions] with DLL?

I want get custom command line parameters in [Custom Actions] with DLL that programming with C# ,

I have found the use of "InstallShield.Interop.Msi.dll "in the example project after the InstallShield 2023 program has finished installing. But it doesn't show how to get the command line arguments through "InstallShield.Interop.Msi.dll ",Does anyone know how to get it?


Build a setup.exe package with InstallShield 2023.then call setup.exe use command-line like this:

setup.exe /customname:whatevername

so,i want known how to get this string [customname:whatevername] in DLL, in the following C# project,which included in the example "Managed Custom Actions".


And how do I get the installer's progress percentage or value?






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Level 2

InstallShield.Interop.Msi.dll path

C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2023\System\InstallShield.Interop.Msi.dll

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