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Fatal error -6199: ISCmdBld.exe fails to build XML based InstallShield Projects.


I've just ported my binary based ISM to XML based and have also created a few DIMS in Installshield Spring 2012 Premier. Everything builds fine on my machine (which has IS 2012 installed) with IsCmdBld.exe. But on a build machine IsCmdBld.exe simply fails to load any XML based ISM. We do not install IS 2012 on our build machines and even IS standalone version is not installed on build machines. We keep standalone version in a zip file and extract it before building installers. However if standalone build is installed on build machine then it works fine.

Below is the error I get in verbose log:

[exec] DoUpgradeAndBuildEx
[exec] DoUpgradeAndBuildExInternal
[exec] DoUpgrade
[exec] DoIsmUpgrade
[exec] GetNewFileName
[exec] spProject->Open Failed
[exec] ISDEV : fatal error -6199: Internal build error
[exec] Unspecified error

It doesn't seem to have anything to do with DIMS. Even if I just have an XML based ISM it fails with above error.

Is there a way so that I don't have to install standalone build and am still able to build XML based projects??
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Does registering the files per allow the build to succeed?
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the link above is dead. i have the same (b t w, why  this message board complains about pasted error messages as invalid HTML?)

s p Project->Open Failed
I S D E V : fatal error -6199: Internal build error
Unspecified error


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Hi @alex_bond ,




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thanks Jennifer, but there is SAB 2020 installed with the valid license
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Was this problem solved?

I am facing this issue with my pipeline builds

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