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How to disable UAC on launching application.


During installations (using InstallShield LE) of my application user is prompted by Windows UAC to allow it to run in Administrator mode, user accepted and completed installation.
My question is for every time application launching i am getting UAC how to restrict it on launching time for standard user.?
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Would that not defeat the purpose of UAC on the OS if an application could disable it? I think the best you can do is sign the packages so that they show your company name in the UAC dialog prompt.
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Hello PlinyElder,

FYI i did sign to my package, at time of installation UAC showing with my company name but launching time it is not showing company name.

How can i disable UAC on launching time..??

Did anyone find a solution for this?

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Hi @sandeep_tudi,


Installshield has provision to change UAC behavior for the setup launchers generated by the Installshield build.


If you want to change the UAC behavior for you application, required to handle in your application may be through embedding application manifest with execution level. 


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