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How to decypher silent install error codes (on Linux)

Hello to all,

I am trying to figure out what the various errord codes are from running a silent installation on Linux. I have checked with InstallShiled and what I get as returned, they don't list (no surprise). My application does not set any codes so I am lost and confused. I cannot determine how to get more debug info from my silent installation either. setuplinux.bin -debug -log /opt/test.log -silent -options test.rsp fails with an error code as well.

Error codes being returned are 233 (from the above command) and 237 for a normal silent installation command: setuplinux.bin -silent -options test.rsp

Thank you.
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One thing I found on Linux is that when comparing strings to "" does not work, you need to compare it to null, as in:

String host = arg0.resolveString("$E(SOMEHOST)");

if ( host.equalsIgnoreCase("null") || host.equalsIgnoreCase(""){
blah, blah

Hope that's your problem because it's an easy fix but to debug try this.

create a file called:

setuplinux.sp -> (launcher name).sp

add this line:


And make sure the setuplinux.sp file is in the same location as the installer.

run 'setuplinux.sp -is:javaconsole -is:log log'

This does not work in silent mode!

To debug installs through the GUI:
Release->Build Category->Distributions->Launcher
Set system properties = 'is.debug=1'
Show Console ='True'

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