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How to create a .msi file?

how do I create .msi file for vs2012 VSTO solution?
I have selected DVD-5 as release format and it creates a .msi file. BUT, the msi file doesn't hold all the files internally. It uses a relative path to a subfolder, that it requires when running the .msi file installation. How can I embed all files into the .msi file?
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Level 7 Flexeran


To Achieve the required behavior try below steps:

>Select DVD-5 media type under releases view
>Set compression option to "Compressed" under build tab
>Set Setup Launcher to "No" under setup.exe tab
>Build the solution.

This will create a release with single msi and all the other files compressed into a .cab file.

Now, you will want to compress the .cab file into msi by following below steps:

1. Download the Windows Installer 4.5 SDK , you will get msi45SDK.msi .

2. Install this msi45SDK.msi , once you installed , you will find the msiDB.exe in the following path.

C:\Program Files\Windows Installer 4.5 SDK\TOOLS\msidb.exe

3. Copy this msiDb.exe from the above path.

4. Paste this msiDb.exe to C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.

5.Open the command prompt give the following command for merge the cab file inside the msi

C:\>msidb.exe -d -a

-d -> name of the database (msi name)

-a -> add the cab file

6. Open ORCA tool select the msi path, click on Tables -> Media Table-> It will display the cab table as

7. Edit the Cabinet column field as

8. Save the settings.

9. The above steps will be helpful to merge the cab file inside msi

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