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How to call dll which is located in [SUPPORTDIR]?

I need to use dll's functions during installation, but before files of features are installed. So, I included this dll into support files view, but how to use it in my sequence I don't know. I tried via Standard dll->Located in search path, I set name of dll and name of function to call. But in this case installer says that it can't find my dll, I guess because SUPPORTDIR is not included into search path, when this CA is processed.
So guys, could you help me how I can use dll from SUPPORTDIR, or tell me workaround? :confused:
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Please set CustomActionData MSI property to SUPPORTDIR using Set Property Custom Action.

Please find the more details on following link.

Accessing or Setting Windows Installer Properties Through Deferred, Commit, and Rollback Custom Actions

Sachin Pawar
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