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How to add condition & arguments in custom actions and add condition to file of appda


i am new to this Installsheild LE, previous i was with VS 2010 and package & deploy project.. it was working fine.. now recently i have migrated to VS 2013.

i am converting all my projects from VS 2010 to VS 2013,
while converting i am facing below problems..

1) i am not able to give conditions of files of property window which are in app data folder.

how to give property of conditions to files in appdata folder like setup & package project in 2010, based on condition that file will copy into target machine.(x86 / x64)

2) while adding custom actions

in my vs 2010 project(deployment project) i can give condition & arguments in custom action property window

how can i give here

i.e: i want to give condition and argument for corflag.exe

please check the attachment for your reference

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Level 9

Hello Hema,

Kindly navigate to the Custom Actions View-> Create a NewCustomAction-> There is a field called "Condition" where you can specify one or more conditions for the selected custom action, to check for the target operating system or the minimum system requirements. And one more as "Command Line" where you can pass the arguments to your executable file.

You may also browse the files (corflag.exe) to be installed in the option "Source Location".

Hope this helps.

Please let us know if you need any further information on this.

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