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How to Idendify target OS and type (32/64 bit)?

Hello install shield community.

when the user install the installer, how can the installer tell what OS he has and how much bits?

so it can install on program files/program filex x86 accordingly.


I am using 2018 version.

thank you!


Thank you!

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There are some limitations within a MSI installer with relation to 32bit and 64bit installations. A single MSI installer is not able to create both a 32bit and 64bit installer combined, however Installshield does provide a solution in its Suite Projects. 

This will allow you to create 2 installers (one for 32bit and another for 64bit) both of these installers can then be wrapped in the suite installer which will identify the processor type it is being run on and launch the appropriate application.

More information about this can be found on an article I wrote here:

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Ok i got it.

Is there a way to display to the user his OS type (if its windows, linux ect.) and bits (32,64)?

maybe as you said, create 2 installers and with each installer type the OS bits can work?

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