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How to Disable Next button on Custom dialog Tree selection

When a user gets to the Custom dialog they are presented with the Feature Tree structure.

This has:

- Sub Feature 1
- Sub Feature 2

However if a user decides not to install Sub Feature 1 or Sub Feature 2 then I need to disable the Next button.

Is this possible to trigger the disable event on the button based on the tree selection or feature state?

I have tried using &FeatName = 3 OR (&FeatName <> 2 AND !FeatName=3) to get Feature states and also using the MsiSelectionTree properties (though these seem to reflect the last selected feature not the overall, top-down structure.

I even tried moving Sub Feature 1 and 2 up to the top level and hiding 'Premium', yet deselecting all values still doesn't change this dialog.

The weird thing is the 'Detail'\Space button turns on and off as you deselect a feature, but I can't see how this is getting triggered..

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If they have to choose both SubFeatures then I'm confused as to why you even give a choice? Maybe I misunderstood something....

I do things a little different. Say I have 4 Features in my tree and I want them to choose at least one of them.

When they click on the Next button I check to see that at least one was chosen and pop a message box letting them know they have not made a valid choice and to choose at least one Feature before continuing.

Works great and I've never had any complaints.

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Hi chad,

Thanks for your reply.

Firstly to clear up - Sub Feature 2 had a dependency on the other, so you could choose Sub Feature 1 by itself, but not 2, I had wanted to trigger 1 to come on by chosing 2. It's fine now as have rejigged the dialog so they both sit under one main feature and subfeature 1 is required and they have the option to turn on and off subfeature 2 if the main feature is selected.

I still do have the issue of being able to disable the next button as there are 2 Main Features in my installer and they can both be installed independantly. The logic to disable the next button must be there as Installshield use it to:
1. Calculate the space required when a feature is turned on
2. enable the 'change' button to allow to change where you install a feature to and also it displays the text 'Install to' and the location.

I could bring up another dialog but would like to just be able to enable and disable as Installshield does!
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In advance Ui suite, for example if you have 3 features - add the below condition in Next button or Install button.



Go to Wizard Interface->Installation Feature->Install->Enabled->Any->Property Comparison

Then under Name section add this condition :   FEATURE[your first feature name].actionState

Name - FEATURE[second feature name].actionState

Name - FEATURE[third feature name].actionState


Note: By default if you want to unselect all the features in Installation tree, in Organization -> Features

Select first feature and add condition as NONE.

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