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Level 3

How to ADD an existing PRQ to the Software Preq. list?

On my Project Assistant screen I have a list of "Required Software" items (about 20 of them).

I have [Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 Full package] listed with a checkbox, but I want to add [Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 Full.prq] to that list.

I am unable to figure out how to ADD/Import a PRQ into that list.

I do not want to Create a new PRQ, I want to use [Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 Full.prq] that is located in my C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2015LE\SetupPrerequisites directory

Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.
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Level 17

InstallShield supports the .prq files to define InstallShield prerequisites for installing required software components. The files can not be imported into the Requirements view to define system software requirements. You need to create your own requirement for .NET Framework 4.6 in the view. Also, you may want to consider evaluating InstallShield 2016 Express which includes the more recent built-in system requirements including .NET Framework 4.6 .
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