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How should I include Infragistics dependencies in InstallShield Setup Project?


I've a Windows Application in which we are using Infragistics controls. Now, we are creating its setup project using InstallShield.

This is my first time with InstallShield. It seems we need to provide Infragistics setup in dependencies. I don't want to install setup or it shouldn't be. Can't it be done just provide Infragistics DLLs which we have in our Debug/Release folder?

Please, help!

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I am not sure what you are asking, but here is my best understanding.

You have a number of .DLL files you want to include in your install. Somehow, the project is not including the dependencies for the files you have already added.

If the files which have dependencies are in the same directory as the .DLL files you want to include, then you should be able to run the static scan for dependencies, unless of course these dependencies only load at runtime. Then you would need to do a dynamic scan.

To do a scan, with your setup project open, click Project on the menu bar, then Static Scan. See if that brings up the depencies you are looking for. If not then try the dynamic scan.
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